Advice on buying a new sofa or chair

Posted on 11 May 2016 Share:

Here's some advice on what to consider when buying a new sofa or chair.

As well as durability, comfort is an important factor when purchasing a new sofa and chair, so you should consider the choice of fillings for the seating and back cushions before making your decision.

Feather, fibre and foam fillings are commonly used in sofas and chairs as seat and back fillings. The filling that suits one person may not be suitable for another as we all sit and relax on our upholstery in different ways as we have described in a humorous way below:

Some people sit almost on their back -  this is called slouching and watching a TV position  it's called the slouch couch potato sitter.

Some people, they will lay on or across their sofas -  this is called the " I'm tired, don't bother me position sitter".

For others, they simply sit down on their back sides and lean against the back cushions and if part of the sofa is a recliner, feet out with the remote control on the arm of the sofa, switching channels every five minutes, - 'this is called the I'll have a cup of tea with two sugars, I'm in charge of the remote sitter'.

There are generally three types of fillings used in seating and back cushions:

Feather - is a soft filling gives the most relaxed look. It will flatten when sat on and look far more casual and not in uniform when you get out of your furniture. It will need plumping into shape and should be turned as often as you can otherwise the interior can feel lumpy and sometimes the feathers can break down and start to pierce through the inner case and will then come through the outer case and end up all over your sofa seats.  People with allergies should also take care when purchasing feather filled upholstery

Fibre - fibre is in between feather and foam for tension. It's not as soft as feather and not as firm as foam interiors but it will revive itself quicker than feathers. You will need to plump the seats and back cushions regularly to keep them looking full. The easiest way to plump and put air back into  your seats or back cushions, is to give them a really good plumping up by hitting the sides together and the top and bottom together

Foam - A foam seat or back cushion interior will give you a firmer and more supportive effect. Your sofa or chair will look more in line and there will be no need to plump.