CFS aircraft interior renovation

Posted on 27 Sep 2017 Share:

CFS aircraft interior maintenance and renovation

Bournemouth Airport

On 19 September 2017 Complete Furniture Services (CFS) Ltd were asked to visit Bournemouth International Airport to carry out some internal repairs and renovation to two private Cessna jets that were located in one of the airport hangars.

Our team travelled from Bristol and Berkshire, leaving home at 6am to make sure that we were all on-site by 9am.

Nigel concentrated on the French polishing as he has plenty of expertise in this area and specialises in the renovation of antique and wood furniture. He spent the day removing the scuffs and scratches and filling in any damage to the surface. He then carefully applied several coats of French polishing lacquer over the repaired areas to maintain that professional high gloss appearance.

Steve and Dave treated the leather seating and airplane interior by firstly repairing scratches and removing any marks caused by general wear and tear. They then re-coloured the cream leather concentrating on the seating area and arms which attracts the most use.

CFS use only the highest quality pigment dye which is professionally colour-matched beforehand – once this is dry we apply lacquer to the leather (which comes in a choice of finishes – satin, gloss, matt) which seals in the new colour. The utmost care and respect was used by us at all times to protect the work area and its surroundings.

The areas on the leather that did not require re-colouring on this occasion were treated by applying a professional quality leather balm to refresh the colour and feel of the beautiful leather upholstery.

The project took our team eight hours to complete and to allow the applications to fully dry on the leather and wood, we recommended that the aircraft was not utilised for 12 hours following our renovation.

CFS have successfully completed leather and wooden aircraft interior renovation projects at Bournemouth International Airport and Bristol International Airport. We offer regular contractual maintenance as well as one-off visits and we are available to travel to most UK airports (subject to availability) as well as European and American locations.